Stackla Co-Pilot: UX, UI Case Study

Stackla's newest Enterprise feature, Co-Pilot, supports users by monitoring and recommending content based upon a user's behaviour

Business Goals

The business was looking to leverage machine-learning technology within its product offering to further differentiate itself from key competitors, and ultimately to assist Sales and Marketing efforts to attract enterprise level customers. Furthermore, the business was looking to increase customer retention, and ultimately to protect annual recurring revenue


User Goals

Time-poor customers were looking to quickly and easily navigate 100’s - 1,000’s  of pieces of User Generated Content per session to discover, curate and publish the best content to fuel their content strategies



The first step was to understand the customer and their challenge. This was achieved via:

  • Remote observation of customer behaviour using Hotjar

  • Conversations with the Customer Success team

  • Customer surveys

  • Creation of customer personas

The key takeaways were:

  • Enterprise customers aggregate large amounts of content, but they have limited time and resources to moderate this content

  • Enterprise customers don’t moderate much more than a couple of pages of UGC at a time

  • Enterprise customers don’t want to waste their time reviewing unsuitable UGC, they just want to see the best UGC



The next step was to understand how Machine-learning technology could be leveraged within the product. This was achieved via conversations around machine-learning prototypes built by the Development team. The key takeaways were:

  • Machine learning could observe and identify patterns in the way that customers discover, curate and publish content

  • Machine learning could effectively predict customer behaviour within Stackla and how audiences might interact with that content

  • This information could be used to present recommendations to the customer around what content they should tag, discard, publish and rights manage


Concept & Planning

Equipped with an understanding of the customer, their challenges and the technology offering, the next step was to create some rough interface concepts and potential user flows to drive discussions around project-scope and high-level requirements. The result was:

  • A rough vision of potential solutions

  • A total of 23 user stories

  • A clear definition of project scope



Next, we moved through the necessary Product Design stages leading up to production:

  • Wireframing and creation of high-fidelity mocks

  • Prototyping user flows and interactions

  • UI Walkthroughs to synchronise with product marketing

  • Handover to the Development Team

  • UX, UI Design review

  • Internal testing in QA with the Customer Success team

  • External testing in production with selected Beta customers



Co-Pilot helps enterprise businesses sift through large quantities of User Generated Content and surface the best and most appropriate content for their brand. Using Machine Learning and other insights, Co-Pilot studies the behaviour of Content Curators within Stackla and looks for patterns around key user behaviours. Based upon these patterns, Co-Pilot analyses new content and makes intelligent recommendations based upon these insights to help reduce content moderation time and make it easier for Content Curators to find quality content