When I paste vector art into Photoshop it looks pixelated. Here's the fix!

For months, the simple task of pasting vector art from Illustrator (or other vector based software programs) into Photoshop was unexpectedly reducing my crispy vector-based art into a jagged, pixelated mess.

At first I thought it was a graphics card issue. Then I thought perhaps it was an Open GL settings problem. Or perhaps a corrupt Photoshop install and so on... Seriously, this issue had me stumped for months! All the while I couldn't work with vector art from Illustrator in Photoshop (unless I opted to paste my vectors into Photoshop as a path or shape layer but that wasn’t always ideal).

Here's the fix! It’s so simple – but its controlled by a tiny little checkbox buried in the UI.

Immediately after you paste your artwork into Photoshop, choose "Smart Object" > then press OK. A tiny little "Anti-alias" check box will appear next to the "Set rotation" input area.

Make sure that tiny little box is ticked and your vectors will be safe.

Problem solved!